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If you do not know what a "plot" is, do not fret! Neither do film executives. Still, if you watch more movies, eventually you will spot one. The odds are good: most people see between twenty and thirty movies a year, and generally one or two of them will have one. Now, if you can't come up with one, do not be dismayed. Once a movie goes to home video, the copyright expires and you are free to use the same plot and the same script. It's easy! They do it in Hollywood all the time. If you're still having trouble, there is a quick and effective way to get your creative juices simmering. Go to a movie, any movie, and when the previews come on, just close your eyes and listen to the announcer. "In a world held hostage, evil stalks the streets, and only one man can stop it." "This summer, get ready to be blown away." Those announcers have GREAT ideas for movies!

Okay, the next thing you need in order to make a film is: