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Moving DVD: This spectacular DVD is unlike anything you've seen before from a low-budget feature. With two commentary tracks, deleted scenes, gag reel, trailer, two games, behind-the-scenes slideshow, screenwriting secrets, and a lot more, this DVD has more goodies crammed into it than a rubber piñata. In addition to all the jam-packed special features, this rare edition contains the beginning, middle, AND end of the film. There is also a free puppy with every DVD purchase. (No kidding. Redeem puppy on main menu.)

Moving VHS: This collector's item video is the very first edition of the film. As the first cut of the movie, it has a slightly longer running time, and some of the scenes relegated to "deleted scenes" on the DVD are still included in the actual run of the movie. Buy it today and own the matched set--don't miss this chance to be the film buff you've always wanted to be! Also includes the gag reel.


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2 $8.50 ea $2.07
3 $7.50 ea $2.07
4 + $6.00 ea $2.55 +

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