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Actors are people, but they do not know it so you must not treat them as such. Let us tell you what happened with the actors during Moving:

1) One actor, a lead actor, dropped out of the film two weeks into shooting, the night before a huge and very complicated scene which it took weeks to set up. This caused a delay in shooting of over a month.

2) One of the principal actors in the aforementioned scene had to be dropped from the film due to a severe illness in the family.

3) Another principal actor dropped out of the film the night before her big scene.

4) The actor who replaced the aforementioned actor broke her toe the night before the rescheduled shoot of this same big scene.

5) The shooting of the climactic scene of the film was disrupted and/or called off on separate occasions by a) one of the principal actors getting lost on the way in from out of town, b) a death in the family of an actor, c) another death in the family of another actor, d) the misplacement of a distinctive costume shirt by yet a fourth actor, e) employers not allowing an actor to get off work despite being told he would be allowed.

6) A scene had to be reshot because we found out the actor playing a prostitute was only 14 years old.

7) At least two actors lost jobs in order to shoot with us. Another two quit jobs for the same reason.

The moral of this story is this: with computers becoming more and more powerful, nowadays all of your acting can be done digitally. With programs like Poser, and modern speech-synthesis software, you can create photorealistic performances with lifelike line delivery--without having to buy a single actor a donut!

All right. Now that we're done with actors, let's move on to the important stuff. For example: