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Moving DVDAfter a two-year-long, bizarre and baffling series of screwups and delays (all by other people, we hasten to add) the Moving DVD is FINALLY RELEASED AND AVAILABLE! It has extensive special features. It is a shorter and cleaner edit of the movie. Its price is shocking. Its quality is top of the line. And the movie, of course, is great. Buy more than one and the price drops. It's just the way we roll. Buy Your Copy Now!


The DVD is still chugging along, apparently. They're busy. We'll let you know when it's done. In the meantime (and over the last couple of years), we've been working on the new screenplay and have submitted it to the Sundance Feature Film Program. Keep checking back. We're getting underway again.


The distribution DVD of Moving has gone to the production facility and they're putting it together. Slowly.


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