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progress report  

Our movie is finished; it naturally follows that our soundtrack has been finalized. You can submit new music for the movie if you want, but honestly, you'd only be making an ass of yourself. We DO, however, wish to thank everyone who submitted music to us--even if we didn't use your stuff, your contributions kept our musical scope really wide and helped us create a better score.

how we did it  

The Friedman brothers trolled for music here and there through the months, making note of songs or musicians that might find a place in the movie. Especially near the end of postproduction, the boys would spend long hours searching through submissions, CD's, online music libraries such as and, and file-sharing services such as Morpheus. (Anyone who doubts the usefulness or legitimacy of these services should consider that we found several leads through them, downloading hundreds of MP3's and then PURCHASING the CD's of the ones we wanted, in addition to arranging licensing deals which could bring them additional money if the film is successful.) The music editor, Matthew, experimented with, edited, and "orchestrated" possible underscore songs while the director, Jonathan, worked the phones and faxes to try and arrange licensing. Some leads were dead ends, due to the inflexible bureaucrats who run the music business, while some of these bands and record labels seemed way too big to care about us but then turned out be extremely understanding once Jonathan talked to them. He managed, through persistence and honest explanations of our project and its budgetary limitations, to work up relationships with people and arrange some pretty amazing deals. The local bands, of course, were all happy to help us and you should go buy their CD's immediately.

the artists  

This is a sample of the artists in the final cut of our film. Click on them to find out more about them and to find out how to buy their music.



Long-time local favorites, including members we went to high school with.

Lucky Town

One of the most popular bands in the region, ready to break it big any day.

Phil Roebuck

One of the members of what once was the Hollowbodies, whom we also went to high school with.

Waxing Poetics

Ah, the good old days. A lot of people miss these guys.

Left-Wing Fascists
Greatest hits include "I Drive a Yugo," "K-Mart Shopper," and "No One's Ugly After 2 AM."



We got Poe entirely due to her uncommon kindness, and the generosity of her "boss" Paul Fishkin.

David Mead

An incredible musical find, and a very nice person.

Guadalcanal Diary

Now this one was tough. Grew up with their music, albums are out of print, but unsympathetic label still wanted an arm and a leg. Nonetheless, we worked out an okay deal.

Split Lip Rayfield

Smokin' bluegrass. These guys, and their label Bloodshot Records, were a dream, and care about what they're doing.

Andre Williams

The Black Godfather. One of those dudes who's been in blues and R&B since decades before we were born.

Erin McKeown

We found Erin through David Mead. Utterly unique. Adorable, jazzy voice.

Big Hello

Big Hello is hilariously talented. They're so great it's funny.


Phillip Friedman

One of our favorite progressive-pop writers, and also a high school buddy. Nepotism, anyone?

Troy Hedspeth

A big-time country star in the making.

Chet Chetkin

Grew up with our parents.


Joseph Addeo

Dawn Elijah and Tony Sawyer

Leo Greco and Friends

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ludwig van Beethoven

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Claude Debussy

Johann Strauss others...

Most samples unfortunately require the crappy RealPlayer to listen to.
NOTE: All songs and images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed without the expressed consent of the respective copyright holder.
Some of these songs and images are up here under fair-use
and we do not have specific permission.
If you want us to take an image or a song down,
just email us and we'll do it immediately.

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