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The Graphic Design Legacy 

The Moving graphic design team has always gone above and beyond the industry standard in graphics work. Most website graphics are produced in so-called "graphics programs" like Photoshop and Fireworks, but the dedicated team made a complete, exact scale model of the entire website in papier maché. Then they used a sophisticated spectrophotometer purchased at a NASA Langley auction to measure the exact color value of every pixel location on the model, entering the hexadecimal color values directly into binary code and saving the arrays as JPEG and GIF files. Every single Moving flyer, press kit, promo mailing, and poster is individually airbrushed, and 8 out of every 10 attempts is discarded after 48-bit 3600dpi computer scanning reveals any mathematically quantifiable variance from the master designs, which were painted by Norman Rockwell shortly before his death in June 2000.


Secrets of the Ultimate FarkBut when they discovered the site called, the Moving graphic design team began to fully embrace the digital realm. They sold hundreds of imaginary items on eBay in order to purchase a symmetric multiprocessing supercomputer in order to enter the world-famous Fark Photoshop Contests, and have consistently gotten one or more votes, as long as they remember to vote for themselves. Examples of their impressive work for Fark (under the username "whatismoving") can be found below. But their greatest achievement was the design for the video/DVD box of Moving. This design utilized all the Fark skills of compositing, illustration, stock-photo manipulation, masking, feathering, and more; the final image used at least five separate photographs, plus custom illustrations and over 20 separate layers. They pulled off a Fark so totally sweet it flips out and kills people. People to this day ask us how we got that gorgeous picture of a house on a semi truck at sunset. Asshats. To see how we pulled it off, just follow us into...


Our Greatest Fark Entries 

Some of our favorite whatismoving Fark entries are below. Click on any thumbnail to go to the full-size images:

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