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We would like to introduce our four loyal leads, who stood by us enthusiastically through thick and... well, actually, it was all thick. Working with people like this is the best thing, without a doubt, that any independent filmmaker can do for her movie. It's certainly the best thing we did for ours.

L. DEREK LEONIDOFF -- "Ron Fervent" -- Derek is a star of stage and screen. He has played Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie, Roderigo in Othello, and is a brilliant improvisational comedic actor who founded an improv comedy troupe, Slaphappy. His screen credits include the featured role of Fred in the cult indie hit Scattering Ashes, and the role of Donut Kid, opposite Sinbad, in the film First Kid. On the Amazon page for this film, scroll down a bit and juuuust a bit underneath Sinbad's name is Derek's! On top of his performing talents, Derek is also a genuinely good-hearted fellow. And he dresses well.
TERRY JERNIGAN -- "John T." -- Mr. Jernigan, AKA "John Thomas," AKA TJ, is a veteran of stage and screen and works regularly as a founding member with Virginia Beach's own improv comedy group The Improvisionarys. Realizing early his passion for multiple personalties, TJ decided to become an actor. Stage credits include Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, The middle urn in Samuel Beckett's play, Play, and currently he is working on The Warriors Lament found at Film credits include Hearts in Atlantis where he is the photo of Bobby's Dad, Wicked Spring, The Flock, An Ordinary Killer with Dan Haggerty, Terrance Knox and Charlie Matthew, and The Nest, winner of the 1999 best action short at the NYC international Film Festival. TJ is also the voice of Ceraphon in the cartoon Angel Wars. TJ enjoys extreme sports such as surfing, bike racing, mountain climbing, and skydiving and could watch them all day, preferably with a Guinness, which he sponsors daily. TJ also smells nice.
KATHERINE POIRIER -- "Devonah" -- Ms. Poirier is not only enjoying her first starring film role, she is enjoying her first film role, period. Well, the first one she'll admit to you, anyway. She is a trained ballet dancer, having danced with the Brandywine Ballet Company in Pennsylvania. Her first stage role ever was Obi Wan Kenobi in a dramatic staging of Star Wars while a camp counselor. The proficency she gained there with weapons has served her well in this film--as you can see at right, she can simultaneously manage three firearms with deadly precision even while stone drunk.
MICHAEL LEMELLE -- "Jacques" -- Michael is a singer with a voice that can turn a solid steel bridge girder into pudding. He is an experienced actor, whose roles include Jim in the award-winning musical Big River and Iggy in the recently released film, Nothin' 2 Lose. Michael is also a loving husband and father, so back off, and he spends a lot of time helping and inspiring kids in his community through the Boys and Girls Club. Michael is also a surprisingly good improvisational pianist, and his smile is a registered trademark.
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