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    We are proud to present our talented team of writer/producer/directors, Leslie Roswell and the Friedman brothers, Matthew and Jonathan Friedman. Plus we'd like to introduce our lead cameraman and script consultant, John McClung, and our sound engineer/set technician Michael Zimmerman.


Jonathan and Matthew Friedman have been brothers since birth. Matthew attended the University of Virginia, and was present at that school's historic football victory over the Florida State Seminoles, which is generally regarded by scholars and historians as the most important event that has ever occurred. Jonathan attended James Madison University, where his student-project screenplays were consistently regarded by the faculty and the other students in the film studies classes to be among the most consistent ever regarded. Their talents manifested at an early age, however--Matthew having garnered a third-place prize out of three entrants in the elementary school Reflections contest for his piano composition, "Learning is Earning," and Jonathan having probably done something similar as well. They grew up together, having been born a little more than a year apart, and have maintained a close relationship through the years--even after all this time, they remain just a little more than a year apart. Their endeavors have dovetailed over the years, as they have ventured into graphic design, music, writing, and of course filmmaking. They base some of their work on their delightful stories of growing up, like the hilarious time they discovered they were dating the same girl, or the body they found in the woods one day. (Which, oddly enough, turned out to be the same girl.) Jonathan's work on his first two short films, Ninja Wars and Ninja Wars II, led directly to his collaboration with Matthew on their hilarious local short feature, Scattering Ashes, which won generous amounts of critical praise from one local tabloid. Read the actual article!


Leslie Roswell was born in Viet Nam when a Hong Kong airliner carrying her mother crash-landed during a transcontinental flight and one of the surviving pilots had to deliver her on-scene in the midst of the damage and confusion. She later wrote a poem about her memories of the event, which was published in the very first issue of George magazine, which would later seem to form an eerie link between her and that magazine's founder, John F. Kennedy, Jr. Her mother, recently widowed, later married the pilot who delivered Leslie, and Leslie herself went on to join the Air Force in order to follow in her adopted father's footsteps. She was diverted from her career track, however, by a tragic incident you may have read about in the papers in which she and her fellow young flight officers attempted to break up a bank robbery and several bystanders were wounded and two of the assailants killed. This brought on a psychosomatic blindness which forced her to drop out of the service; the time she spent recuperating, however, turned out to be the most productive of her life as she rediscovered her passion for writing, published the aforementioned poem, and began to work on a screenplay about her experiences. She met Matthew in the hospital during one of his rescue shifts, and they soon became collaborators. The Friedmans brought her on board and her writing and organizational talents have contributed greatly to the success of the movie, and have allowed her to make peace with the events of the past. In addition, her volunteer work in local prisons opened the door for us to use inexpensive prison-inmate labor to maintain and administer our Update Notification List, which has proven invaluable!


Mr. McClung met the Friedmans while being hired to edit their first short feature, which he still fondly remembers as being an excellent example of why the "short" category was invented. John's colorful history, which includes a mistaken-identity murder charge and a fortune made and lost in the junk-car business, makes him an ideal industry outsider, and, we feel, gives our project much-needed legitimacy in our target audience, the 'hood. John is, in addition, an electrical engineer, which helps a great deal in designing our science-fiction elements, and in fixing various wiring problems that arise around the house. His own independent film, shot with longtime partner Bill Gaunce, hit the local scene several years ago and was a successful horror release. It is particularly notable for its ability to be enjoyed as either a horror film or a comedy.


Mr. Zimmerman is one of the most inventive technical minds we have ever met. If he weren't spending all his time performing selfless acts combatting cyber-terrorism online, he would probably be a very rich man. Educated at various universities, none of which could hold his active mind for long, Michael is an expert at lighting, sound, set construction, mechanical repairs, special effects, and heavy lifting. Trained in stagecraft, he has effortlessly translated his talents into the film domain, where he can make even the most challenging film set look and sound like it was done on a stage. In addition to his film duties, Michael is also responsible for both the mechanical installation and the software administration of our computer network and Internet connections. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, which explains why our network never goes down. He reads a book a day and knows everything that has ever happened in the American and Russian space programs. He is currently engaged to marry Rachael Leigh Cook.

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