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"The funniest movie I've seen since I made Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. An absolute comedy tour-de-force..."

—Stephen Simon, Producer of Somewhere in Time, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Smokey and the Bandit and All the Right Moves
"Moving is one of the funniest independent films of the year. Moving is an original, genuine laugh-out-loud film, packed from start to finish with truly inventive situations and screamingly hilarious dialogue… Endlessly creative and brilliantly conceived, Moving is a happy surprise from opening to closing credits."

—Phil Hall, Film Threat
"Moving is the kind of wonderful wacky indie moviemaking that keeps the industry looking over its shoulder. Keep ceaseless watch for the brothers Friedman — they are out there..."

—Barnet Bain, Producer of What Dreams May Come
"…a delightfully unique premise; the kind of thing that sticks with you for the rest of your life… Moving is the quintessential independent film, and all the better for it…the seemingly-effortless grace of its cinematography and clever script have set the bar high for any future would-be independent filmmakers."

—Charter, The Charter Terminal
"Its hard not to think of the Friedmans as fledgling Coen Brothers...Moving is an amusingly twisted road movie blended with a comically absurd gangland conspiracy plot…it has the same frantically creative energy which I’ve seen in the early work of Robert Rodriguez and Peter Jackson…."

—Gregory Epps, Port Folio Weekly
"The Friedman brothers have gone where few new filmmakers dare to go—to comedy.…They have proven that they have both the technical savvy and the bizarre wit for such a project."

—Mal Vincent, The Virginian Pilot
"Sweet sassy molassy, Moving is one of the funniest films I’ve seen so far this year. What makes that a more impressive statement than usual is the fact that Moving is a truly independent production, one made on a shoestring budget, without the influence of any studio anywhere…"

—David Cornelius, Amazing-Colossal.com
"From the wilds of tidewater Virginia comes a feature film with the look and sound of a great deal richer budget than the $8,000+ the closing credits announce. It's called Moving, and it is a charming film with a remarkably good script and some quirky wit to its credit."

—Bob Glatzer, Movies101.com
"It would be a mighty challenge indeed to come up with a feature that symbolizes the very essence of 'independent film' better than Moving, and what’s more, it would be an even mightier challenge to find an 'independent film' that’s better made. Do you love movies? Then see this one, folks. It’s just that simple.... Who is this Jonathan Friedman guy, anyway?"

—Ziggy's Video Realm, www.reelcriticism.com/ziggyrealm

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