This website was designed to answer the question that has been hanging over the film community for two years, buzzing through convention halls, whispered between friends, echoed through newsgroups, screamed from the rooftops and into the mist: What Is Moving?

This website is a living chronicle of the most anticipated and daring independent film feature ever attemped (by us). In fact, we can honestly say, without exaggeration, that Moving is the greatest movie ever made in the history of the universe.

Moving was shot for approximately $8,500. Yes, the comma is in the correct place. Its premiere drew a crowd of 900, selling out the theater and setting a new attendance record for the venue. It is currently being shipped to film festivals--some of which it has already been accepted to--and is available for sale on this site. Despite its almost imperceptible budget, the film features a cast of over 70, and a soundtrack featuring both local and national recording artists.

This website,, is not one of those dumb movie websites that are nothing more than long advertisements for the film. Instead, we are documenting the entire filmmaking and film-promotion process, from start to finish, with photos, updates from location shoots, notes on equipment and scheduling, and behind-the-scenes diaries. We hope you find the entire filmmaking process as fascinating and entertaining as the film itself. Bookmark this site and return often. Tell everyone about it. We have no money. We have no P.R. department. We did it all by ourselves.

Where do I go?

There are daily (weekday) updates and news snippets on the main page, the Update Slate. To find out what this whole thing is about, a good place to start is The Film. Be sure to visit the alternate versions of our site and find the one you like best. Other sections are pretty clear, unless, of course, you're dumb. Remember to sign up for our little mailing list! Enjoy your visit, and tell everyone you know!

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