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How to Fark up a Movie pt. 6 

All the elements are in place. It looks sweet, it looks real, now it's time for some straight ballin, yo.

First, some phat wind chimes:

Those are racing chimes, bizziatch. We created them in CorelDraw and then added them to the bitmap, old school. Then we put on a custom body panel to show we were keepin it real:

Now we straight pimpin. The hiz-ouse be fallin apart, piece-a-shizzit style. But check it: the real bling up in the air:

  > >  

Dat shit be a motif in the fizzilm, yo. It's a dope clever reference. But more than that, it's bling.


Jus keeping it real.

And that's it. That's some pimpin movie box. House on a truck? That's some FARK, yo. All that time, all that work, for shizzle, and you get...

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