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How to Fark up a Movie pt. 3 

Next was retouching the color and shading.


The image was color balanced to give it the orange cast appropriate for the light--look at the white areas on the left and compare to the warmer sunset hues on the right. Shadows like the one underneath the porch overhang were put in, feathered, sometimes burned in by hand. Underneath the house, shadows were added. In the left image, the light touches the tops of the tires, which is weirdly unsettling, so the proper areas were darkened and now the whole thing is starting to look natural. Also notice the sweet-looking glare in the window on the side of the house--the whole window was tweaked to properly reflect the sinking sun we're gonna add later.

Keep in mind that all this work is being done at the full print resolution of 300 dpi at a height of 16 inches. That's 4800 by 3500 pixels. A typical Fark entry might be about 1/20th that size. See that little blurry speck?

This is what it looks like in the actual file, at full resolution:

With detail this fine, the tiniest things have to be tweaked and fixed or it starts to look terrible. One little corner too sharp and it sticks out like a rib in a Calvin Klein ad.


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