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How to Fark up a Movie pt. 2 

We took a bunch of pictures of the actual house used in the movie:


So now we need to take these pictures of the house--which is the wrong shape from the wrong perspective and with the wrong color and type of lighting--and somehow put them on a truck so it looks remotely believable. Not only that, but we have to do it at HIGH resolution so it will look good blown up to the size of a movie poster.

Step one: take the closest match we could find, the image on the right above, and stick it in, aaaannnndddddddd.....

...It's CRAPTACULAR! Time to call in the de-stanking crew. First, the house was cut up into three pieces, and each piece was individually ajusted for proper perspective and reassembled.

The stupid porch overhang was absurd, so it was cut out completely, then replaced with a separate photo with slightly better perspective, and then put into place & shortened.


A bit of shading, and it's starting to improve. But it still needs a lot of decrapitation.


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