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How to Fark up a Movie 

click for bigger version or we will find you and kill your entire familySo here's a good-sized shot of the movie's front cover (VHS aspect ratio. Click on it if you're a sucker for punishment--you'll get an even bigger version so you may awe at its beauty:

In retrospect, we probably should have just put a house on the back of a truck and driven it out to the desert at sunset and taken a picture. But we're artists, we like doing shit the hard way. So we decided to make the picture out of thin air.

We found some stock photos online, including this one, which we decided to use as the basis for creating the scene:

We flipped the image for reasons of Feng Shui, but it was the totally wrong aspect ratio and we had to fill up several miles of sky:

We did some painting, and found another stock photo:

  +    =  

Cloud/sky boundary looks fake and crappy, and it's still not tall enough, but we'll fix it later. First we need to put a house on the truck.

Looks easy? Bite me. Keep reading.


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