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The Curse of Moving!

Moving is cursed. The summer we did most of our outdoor shooting was the third-rainiest summer in over a century. Four different vehicles broke down which were being used for shots. One actor, whose daughter wasn't scheduled to give birth for another couple of weeks, dropped out of the film when she went into early labor four hours before his all-important scene. The film crew arrived at a "deserted-field" location, scouted out months earlier, which had turned into a cornfield. (Read the story here.) Even after the movie was done, the Curse of Moving continued to rear its horrifying head. The final digital tape master of our movie, the only one in existence, was misplaced by FedEx. At the gala World Premiere of our film, the admission tickets got locked in the assistant director's car (which, by the way, had also just broken down), delaying the event by 30 minutes and almost causing its cancellation by the venue. The first film festival the filmmakers attended had technical problems and was unable to play the DVD we provided them with.

We assure you, this is just a very few examples of the Curse in action. Readers of our Update Notification List (sign up already!) have been treated to regular updates on the Curse of Moving. There are even more Curse of Moving horror stories in our How To Make a Movie section!

Just how bad was the Curse of Moving? Find out, and test your knowledge of Moving trivia, with this fun and enlightening online quiz! Play the Home Game!