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Moving is a full-length independent feature film adventure shot (and edited) in eastern Virginia using entirely digital photography and sound. We did't using a single dime of investor money from anyone, anywhere (except for a $500 donation by the Friedmans' mother to help feed the actors). With only a couple of exceptions, we didn't use anybody else's equipment, borrowed or rented. We had a cast of over 75, and yet we did not pay our actors anything up front--they worked entirely for percentage points, plus a few bucks here and there out of our own pockets to cover transportation and crucial expenses. (We did feed them, however, and water them.) We had no special effects budget, no crew, no publicist, and no paid help of any kind. We did this website by ourselves.

As it turns out, they were right.

We got exactly what we asked for--it was hot as hell, and, as it turned out to be the third-rainiest summer here in over one hundred and twenty years, we got high water too. You'd think the two would at least cancel each other out. In fact, so many things went disastrously wrong, the cast and crew began to start whispering that maybe we were the object of some sort of unholy hex, which we began to call: