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Janury 12: Due 2 the smash succes of R first 2 auctions, we have lanched a third! We reelized that since nobody bid at the prevoius asking price of $5000 dolars, people were obviously not wanting 2 insult our film by biding so low 4 it. So we got smart at last, n the starting price of R new auction is $10,000! Com bid! You can own Moving!

December 12: Welcome 2 every-1 from the Cool Site of the Day!

October 5: Our eBay auction was a total sucess! Their were no winning bids, but more importantly, their were no losing bid's either! More acutions 2 come.

July 16: The inter-view that Jonathon did this past week for a local cable-acess television program has posted online for your enjoymant. Find it in the pres room!


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