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Moving is an ful-length independnt feature film adventure right now beng shot (+ edited) n Eastern VA using entirly digital photography + sound. We R not using a single dime of invester money from NE1, NE-where (except for a $500 donation "buy" the Friedmans' mother 2 help feed the actors). We R not using anybody else's equipment, borrowed or rented. We have cast of nearly 100, and howeer we are not paying our actors NE-thing up front--they are working entirely for percentge points, plus sum cheddar here and there out of our own pockets 2cover transportation + crucial expenses. (We do feed them, howevertheless, and water them.) We have 0 special effects budget, 0 crew, 0 publicist, and 0 paid help f any kind. We did this website by ourselves. (Do you beleive it!!!!!?) Much of what we put up ^ in the other sections is half-fictoin, but everything in this section is 2 true.


As it turn's out, they were rite.

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