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We need publicity. We need community support. We might someday need investors. And, most important of all, we need a thneed. We have been working on this project for a VERY long time, and do not yet have a thneed. EVERYBODY needs a thneed.


E-Trade not working out for you? Looking to attach your name to a breakout independent film to impress the Board, or simply to support the nobility of cultural expression? Feel free to contact the producers about investing in our film, or contributing to it outright, which will get you more credit and help you sleep better. We could even arrange for someone to sleep with you.


Tell everyone you know about this site. We are not Paramount Pictures; we do NOT have an advertising budget. We've submitted our site to search engines using AddMe (highly recommended), but seriously that's just a formality. Feel free to publicize our site on newsgroups and email lists, feel free to send the URL address to all of your friends. Feel free to call up national radio shows and talk about our movie. Please do not commit any acts of violence in our name, however, for we will most likely disavow involvement.

 A thneed

As for the rest, we welcome any aid from the local community and from the larger national film community in assembling and promoting this film. We've had generous offers from friends and community leaders, artists, and even from people who wanted to help us with scoring, which was really exciting. (Then we found out they meant musical scoring.) These projects are full of little opportunites for goodwill--there are a few scenes involving police cars, for example, which it's nice to have official support to use. If you'd like to help us out by volunteering services or expertise, or lending editing equipment in exchange for credits, or if you're a political or industry potentate hoping to wish us well on our endeavor, we would love to hear from you and you will be both appreciated and credited in the film. Offers and general sentiments and questions can be sent to us at:

electronic: weneedathneed@whatismoving.com
pony express:

Marjoram Productions
1056 Commodore Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

phone: 757-481-7399

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