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Production Photojournal

What are we using to film our movie? A partial list of our equipment follows, and will be expanded as necessary:

SONY DSR-300 DVCAM Digital camera with CANON 14X Lens and FUJI 16X Lens w/ doubler

Sachtler Video 18 Tripod
Steadicam Model SK
Cobra 2 Crane
Steady Tracker Dolly
LEADER Model 5863A Portable combination color LCD monitor/audio monitor/waveform monitor
Sony C-76 PRO and C-74 PRO shotgun microphones
Rycote Softie mic windsock
FLEXFILL Collapsible Reflector
FLEXFILL Collapsible Diffuser
TIFFEN Black Pro Mist Filter
Diffusion gels, from 1/8 to full density

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