We will be happy to be of any assistance to the press, and will be happy to grant interviews and answer questions. Of our merry band of four intrepid filmmakers, Jonathan Friedman, Matthew Friedman, John McClung, and Leslie Roswell, the brotherly team of Jonathan and Matthew Friedman present the most public face. Though Leslie handles many of our mailings, press inquiries should generally be made to Jonathan and Matthew. All contact information is as follows:

General Inquiries


Mailing Address:

Marjoram Productions
1056 Commodore Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: 757-481-7399
Fax: 419-844-9268

Individual e-mail addresses
Matthew Friedman:


Jonathan Friedman:


John McClung: mcclung@whatismoving.com
Michael A. Zimmerman: mike@whatismoving.com
Leslie Roswell: leswell@whatismoving.com