We here at Whatismoving.com are delighted to welcome members of the press to our website. This site is the online companion to the independent film, Moving, produced, shot, and edited in the unlikeliest of places: eastern Virginia. To return to the main website at any time, click on the wim graphic in the upper left.
    This page is a gateway to the whatismoving site designed specifically for members of the press. It is divided into a few very brief sections for you to get an overview of what this site is and what the film is, and some background on the creative team behind it. Some of the information on the whatismoving site is of dubious reliability, purely for entertainment value, but this area (and the main site's "The Film" section) is factual and contains information more relevant to newswriters. With all the press releases and publicity you, the members of the press, are no doubt trudging through in a typical newsday, we hope this gateway site will make things faster and easier for you, and help you cut to the heart of what we are doing here.
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