Moving production photos

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In action at Bill's Flea Market in Virginia Beach. Left to right: assistant director Matthew Friedman, director Jonathan Friedman, movie star L. Derek Leonidoff (hidden behind Matthew is sound engineer Mike Zimmerman)

(Derek and T.J., the two on the left, are our two leads,
with the two actors on the right following with third and fourth billing)

Derek Leonidoff, who plays "Ron Fervent," endures a shoot at Cent'Anni's restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Terry Jernigan, who plays "John Thomas," in Creeds in Virginia Beach. Flanked by co-stars Kera O'Bryon and Samantha F. Zogg.

Katherine Poirier, playing "Devonah," in a barn in Virginia Beach.

Michael A. Lemelle, who plays "Jacques," rests after a hot shoot at Ingrams Flea Market in Norfolk.


Clockwise from lower left, sound engineer Michael Zimmerman, camera technician John McClung, director Jonathan Friedman, on location at Cent'Anni's restaurant in Virginia Beach.

L. Derek Leonidoff and Terry Jernigan get swarmed by neighborhood kids while we film near First Colonial Road in Virginia Beach.

On location at Ingram's Flea Market in Norfolk. In foreground, Jonathan Friedman and Matthew Friedman plan out a scene involving Terry Jernigan, soaked with sweat. Helping on the right is production assistant Kristin Mykael.

The cast stands huddled by the side of the building at Cent'Anni's, on one of 6 separate occasions this one single scene was rained out--of 27 rained out for the entire film.

Keith Betts makes a flying leap in an action sequence at Ingram's Flea Market in Norfolk, while co-star Joe McMoneagle watches from the table.

Director Jonathan Friedman at Ingram's Flea Market in Norfolk, where we had to label our equipment to drive away shoppers wanting to buy it.

Jonathan Friedman, the director of Moving, after another long and bizarre shoot. Note the bandage on his right leg, from when he injured himself.

L. Derek Leonidoff and Terry Jernigan stand on the Portsmouth waterfront and look out over the city.

Jonathan Friedman shoots a short scene with L. Derek Leonidoff and Terry Jernigan.

Another dangerous day in the life of "Moving." Jonathan Friedman stands on the left, with sound engineer Mike Zimmerman manning the walkie-talkie.

The Norfolk Fire Department shows up when our smoke machine sets off the alarms at Jillian's.

From left to right, John McClung, camera technician, Jonathan Friedman, director, and Mike Zimmerman, sound engineer, decide to quit and hitchhike across America.


Jonathan Friedman, director of "Moving," checks the lighting conditions on location.